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Cake Online

Cake Online為您的朋友,家人和心愛的人帶來歡樂,幸福的時刻和愛。


2020年新食品系列:最熱門的 “BEST-BUY”食品有GAUFRESS Aux Gouter(法國煎餅)和Honeycomb Egg Pancake 蜂巢雞蛋煎餅 。 配合奢華貴族優雅的包裝,成為尊貴的您和OL近期最喜歡送給朋友和家人的禮物。


下訂單 http://www.skynetcityhk.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=225_302

通過 WhatsApp:53033539 / Facebook:Cake Online / patisserielouvre@cake883.com 與我們聯繫。

Cake Online brings joyful, happy moments and love to your friends, family and beloved one.

All Christmas/New Year gift boxes are buy five get one free, and you can choose your favorite cookie and candies combination.

2020 NEW food series:

The most popular “BEST-BUY” foods are GAUFRESS Aux Gouter (French pancakes) and Honeycomb Egg Pancake. With the elegant packaging of luxurious nobles, it has become the most favorite gift of you and OL recently to give to friends and family.

Sweet to heart, WE CARE AND WE LOVE!

Place order at http://www.skynetcityhk.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=225_302

Contact us at WhatsApp: 53033539 / Facebook: Cake Online/ patisserielouvre@cake883.com.

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