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訂單必須在提貨前至少10天預訂。 請於patisserielouvre@cake883.com留下您的姓名,聯繫電話及您您喜愛的蛋糕類別,我們會儘早回覆您。
圓形(6寸 – 10寸)
方形(6寸 – 10寸)
蛋糕類別: –
1. 海綿蛋糕(適合配新鮮忌廉、輕牛油忌廉芝士及簡單裝飾)
2. 牛油蛋糕(適合配牛油忌廉芝士及翻糖裝飾)
3. 慕斯蛋糕
4. 芝士蛋糕
芝士蛋糕質地軟滑及富香濃忌廉味, 大多數芝士蛋糕都使用忌廉芝士製作。
免烘芝士蛋糕的質感取決於材料使用之成分,那些只由忌廉芝士製成的芝士蛋糕,富有相當濃厚的質感。 那些由鮮忌廉和忌廉芝士混合製成的芝士蛋糕具有較輕軟的質感。 用魚膠製成的芝士蛋糕比較平滑,質感跟慕斯蛋糕類似,但密度不會高。
5. 健康蛋糕(少脂肪,少糖)
Cake 883有製作健康蛋糕食譜 – 少糖及不否穀膠(即小麥、黑麥,燕麥和大麥中所含有的一種蛋白質)。
6. 豆腐蛋糕
Order must be made at least 10 days prior to delivery. Please leave your name, your contact no., your preference and the products you like at patisserielouvre@cake883.com. We will reply to you at our earliest convenience.
Cake size
Round (size 6 inch – 10 inch)
Square (size 6 inch – 10 inch)
Layers cake (up to 4 layers)
Cake base selection:-
1. Sponge Cake (with fresh cream & simple decorations)
Sponge cakes are typically very high volume cakes that feature a light, airy texture. You may select original favour or chocolate favour.
2. Butter cake (ideal for cream cheese frosting & icing decorations cake)
Butter cakes are cakes that have a fine crumb, a tender, moist texture and a rich, buttery taste. It is characterized by their high proportion of butter and sugar to flour, which makes them tender, moist, and dense.
3. Mousse Cake
Mousse cakes are typically made with whipped egg whites or whipped cream, and generally flavored with chocolate or fruits
4. Cheese Cake
Cheese cakes are smooth and creamy. Most cheese cakes use cream cheese.
The exact texture of a no-bake cheesecake will depend on the ingredients used in the filling. Those which are made from just cream cheese will have a rich, fairly thick texture. Those that are a mixture of cream cheese and whipped cream will have a lighter texture but will be slightly soft. The cheesecakes that are set with gelatine may have a fairly smooth texture or a very mousse-like texture but will not be dense.
5. Healthier cake (less fat, less sugar)
We make lighter cake recipes – less sugar/ Gulten free
6. Beancurd Cake (less fat, less sugar)
Beancurd cake is made of bean curd, soy milk, egg white. Strong taste of soybeans, rich in protein, soft and taste smooth, low sugar and low calorie, a very healthy cake.

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